Big Announcement

BIG Announcement!!  Are you ready for some BIG news?! Okay, deep breath. Here we go…. I’m releasing a new book at the end of the month! I’m so excited! It will be on Amazon for my 1 year Life, Love, And Recovery anniversary! I’ve spent this year finishing, finalizing, and editing this book while becoming... Continue Reading →

Sunday Prayer

Happy Sunday friends! Today is a prayerful day for me and my family. As always, I’d like to invite you to pray with me. Today I’m praying about relationships. All month long, I’ve been talking about relationships and how our relationships play a part in living the good life. I’ve also been praying pretty heavily... Continue Reading →

What are Boundaries and How do I Set them?

Good and healthy relationships are part of living a Good Life. Good relationships require boundaries. If we have unhealthy boundaries it prevents us from living the good life. We will walk through our lives with people walking all over us, harming us, while we are in ill-health, and unable to say no, unable to live... Continue Reading →

Good Relationships

Today, I want to talk about relationships. I specifically want to talk about what it looks like in my marriage. I have two reasons 1) one of my February goals is to focus on relationships in my home and make them better and 2) relationships after abuse are hard.  My Good Relationship. Last week, I... Continue Reading →

How to Know You Have a Good Relationship.

Since we’re talking about love and matters of the heart this month, I put together a list of 10 good qualities (and 1 great quality) that you should have in a good relationship that makes it a keeper. Sound good? Great! Let’s dive in! 10 Good Things.  Trust. Trust is one of those things that... Continue Reading →

Joy Killers

Sunday was the beginning of the third week of Advent. We lit the Joy candle at church. The sermon was about peace - but I think it was applicable to joy.  The Bible says a lot about joy. In this world, joy can seem impossible. We are human. We have made decisions, mistakes, and ended... Continue Reading →

Sunday Prayer

Good Morning and happy Sunday! I want to try something new. I want to pray for you. I don't know where you are or what you believe. I don't know what ails you, fails you, or rails at you. I don't know your name. But I want to. I just want to pray for you... Continue Reading →

Coercive Control

This month is domestic violence awareness month and today I am thinking about coercive control. What is coercive control? It's basically manipulation of a person in everyday life including situations, people, and things. It exists as a manipulation of the victim's love for the abuser. It's also a result of the fighting, arguing, and physical... Continue Reading →

Live the Good Life

We hear a lot about self care from nearly everywhere. There are self help books and tons of articles out there in the world. I’m going to add to it. I'm going to start by asking - What would Jesus do?

God is in the Throne Room

When the foundations for good collapse what can good people do? The Lord is in his holy temple; the Lord sits on his throne in heaven. He sees what people do; he keeps his eye on them. Psalm 11:3-4 NCV. One morning I stumbled across this verse when I was having my quiet time. You... Continue Reading →

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